Sunday, July 29, 2012

Into the Abyss

Legendary German writer and director Werner Herzog delivers another riveting film with this documentary that explores crime and punishment in the US judicial system. Two teenagers senseless murder is explored while one of them waits in death row. Herzog interviews the people involved in the case including the victims, the culprits and the police as he tries to makes sense of the case. Herzog's humanistic and anthropological approach makes his films stand out as he becomes personally immersed in his films which takes his work to a more profound level beyond the profession itself. 1001 Films' coverage of films on DVD.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Indian director Tarsem Singh's third feature is another visually stunning film that lacks again any kind of substance. In this faux Greek tale the gods need the help of a mortal to prevent a vicious king from unleashing the titans that could threaten their livelihood. Since the story has nothing to do with the Greek Mythology, everything's fair game so that nothing makes sense and all you have left is the striking visuals and non-stop action with the mostly attractive cast. Henry Cavill stars along with Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke, John Hurt and Stephen Dorff amongst others. 1001 Films' coverage of films on DVD.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Love on the Top

French director Michel Deville delivered a cynical look of love with this black comedy. An unassuming bank teller evolves into a ladies man with the help of his writer friend who hopes to write a bestseller based on his exploits. Based on the novel by Roger Blondel and adapted by Christopher Frank, Deville and his cast and crew delivered a classic. The perfectly cast film stars Jean-Louis Trintignant along with Jean-Pierre Cassel, Romy Schneider, Jane Birkin and Florinda Bolkan in the supporting roles. Trintignant and the ravishing Romy Schneider shine with their terrific performances. 1001 Films' coverage of films on DVD.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another Happy Day

Writer and director Sam Levinson made his feature debut with this uneven family drama. A woman returns to her hometown to attend the wedding of the son she was forced to abandon where old wounds are reopened when she faces her parents who still support her ex-husband. Levinson makes a promising debut but lacks the skills to deliver a cohesive story due to the the multiple stories and characters. The solid cast includes Ellen Barkin, Ellen Burstyn, Ezra Miller, Demi Moore and Kate Bosworth amongst others. 1001 Films' coverage of films on DVD.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Grey

Director Joe Carnahan delivers a solid film with this action film that aims higher beyond the genre limitations. After their plane crashes in Alaska, a group of men try to survive the harsh wilderness while being hunted by a pack of wolves. Carnahan delivers a no-nonsense man versus nature film that works in its favor because of it. While the story is not new, the philosophical view on survival gives the film more substance besides its riveting action. Liam Neeson stars with another solid performance which should further enhance his reputation as a solid action star. The supporting cast includes Frank Grillo and Dermot Mulroney. 1001 Films' coverage of films on DVD.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Prisoners of the Mountain

Russian writer and director Sergey Bodrov got his international breakthrough with this stunning anti-war film. In order to get his imprisoned son released, a Muslim man takes two Soviet soldiers hostage in the remote Caucasus mountains where loyalties are tested in a fight for survival. Based on a short story by Leo Tolstoy, Bodrov and his co-writers delivered a classic and timeless tale that's shattering and heartfelt at the same time. Terrific performances and breathtaking locations make this film an unforgettable experience. Oleg Menshikov stars along Sergey Bodrov Jr. who made his feature debut before his untimely tragic death. 1001 films' coverage of films on DVD.