Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Queen and Country

British writer and director John Boorman delivers the sequel to one of his masterpieces, "Hope and Glory"after more than two decades. During the 50's, the young Bill Rohan has grown into a young man and wants to follow his father in military service where he learns some valuable life lessons. Boorman brings humor and wartime back to show the absurdities of life. While the film is nowhere the equal of "Hope and Glory," it's a solid sequel which makes for an entertaining ride into the the past and British humor. Callum Turner makes his feature debut with an stellar supporting cast that includes David Thewlis, Caleb Landry Jones, Richard E. Grant, Tamsin Egerton, Sinéad Cusack and David Hayman who reprises his role. 1001 Films' coverage of the 67th Festival de Cannes.

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